We love seeing pictures of our monsters! Below are some of the lucky Sidekicks that have gone out into the world and sent back snapshots. If you would like to send a picture to add to the gallery, please do. We'd love to see where our monster friends have ended up in the world. Send your image(s) to voz, along with your Sidekick's name and your location (state, province or country is fine), and we'll add one to the gallery.

If you use Instagram and want to share pictures of your Sidekick in its new home, please tag it with #monstersidekick or tag @vozperkins so we can see, too. If you'd like to see behind-the-scenes shots and previews of new Sidekicks in the works (as well as random shots of clouds, dogs, and Voz's messy studio), please follow Voz's Instagram account.

agnes beaulah dolores

jazzy mabel jane murasakiemon

lucy resident sidekick at rhody craft