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We're excited to be able to offer Fishcakes designs on shirts through RedBubble. You have the option to get designs printed on unisex t-shirts, tanks, girly fit tops, even kids' and babies' shirts. Click the little onesie right over there to go to the Fishcakes Red Bubble shop ===== >>

There are also phone covers, vinyl stickers, pillows and tote bags with Fishcakes designs and doodles on them. Super exciting.

Designs are limited at the moment, but we're adding more daily and we hope to get many of the most popular designs up for sale, plus a few weird ones nobody understands. If you have requests for a certain doodle or design put on a specific product, please let us know! If we can, we will make it happen.


Voz has resurrected the Stay For Lunch doodle blog and is updating in a not-quite-daily-but-pretty-often fashion. You have several options to follow the blog. You can check it out on the blog itself, sign up to get the doodles in your email the nanosecond they're posted, or you can follow the Tumblr if that's your thing.
Pick your link below!

Stay For Lunch - the original blog home. Sign up by email here.
The Pudding Bar - Tumblr

More links of Voz things!
Flickr - mostly doodles, but the occasional non doodle too.
Instagram - pictures of projects in progress. And clouds.