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Fishcakes is your one stop shop if you're in need of some benevolent monsters. Especially monsters with feelings. Here at Fishcakes, we are pro-emotion. Whether you're angry, sad, confused, or excited, we've probably got a magnet for your fridge or a button you can wear to let the world know.

angry monster  skeptical monster  socially awkward monster  gay monster

Or, perhaps you want to wear your love for your special interest or talent on your sleeve (or lapel, backpack, or ballgown.)

algebra monster  conjugation monster  climbing monster  latin monster 

We've been making monsters since 2001, and are steadily working our way toward 250 button designs. Our monsters aren't afraid to show their love for words and science, naps and bowties, making stuff and getting stuff done. They're enthusiastic about so many things, but they've got a little anxiety, too. They're unlikely to hide their apprehension about the uncertainty of the future or the availability of snacks. Perhaps you can relate.

where has the time gone freak out monsters


If you need a cuddly soft friend for tea parties, board meetings, or just to hold close while you're watching the news, we make an assortment of screenprinted animals as well as one-of-a-kind monster sidekicks for your inner or outer child.


plush animals monster sidekick doll


May 26, 2018 - Litchfield County Zine Fest
A zine festival in Kent County, CT. 40+ independent artists, writers, and creators of self-published books will be selling their work. The monsters will be in good company with so many creative voices and visions. Come say hi and get yourself some quality reading material.

June 2 - Hope Street Block Party
Woo hoo! The funnest Hope Street event ever. We'll be there with lots of super talented Rhode Island artists and craftspeople as well as excellent food trucks and all the fine shops of Hope Street.

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You have three ways to shop online for Fishcakes goods. You can use our online store where you'll find the full range of monster designs, including buttons, magnets, stickers, prints, mugs, plush, and paper goods. If you prefer, you can shop for teacher stamps as well as the whole catalog of buttons, magnets, and stickers through the Etsy marketplace. If you're looking for shirts, totebags, pillows, phone cases, and other household items, please visit the Red Bubble shop. Click the links below to be magically transported to the shop of your choice.



You can also buy Fishcakes goods in person at the following fine Rhode Island shops:


rhody craft craftland providence



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